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We offer cold chain compliant transport and storage for whatever your industry standards may be.

Team up with us and we work directly with you to ensure your products are consolidated according to your business and that your delivery arrives safely and on time.

Refrigerated warehouse with cold chain compliant docks, custom packing floor, inventory racking, and dry space storage for any individual or all of your logistical needs.

Climate Controlled Transportation Floral Trade Distributors Carlsbad, California

Floral Trade Distributors

At Floral Trade Distributors, we believe that our customers choose our service because they take pride in growing/shipping the finest products in the world. Therefore it is important that their products be cared for throughout the transportation process and delivered to the customer in the best condition possible. Floral Trade prides itself on providing logistic services that are as valuable and fresh as the products we carry.


One of the most important aspects of transporting perishables is the management of ensuring a proper cold chain environment. We at Floral Trade specialize and ensure that our customers' products remain at the necessary temperature/environment from the moment we receive them until the moment we deliver them. We do this by making sure our trucks and facilities are maintained and equipped with the most advanced and reliable refrigeration equipment possible.


You can rest assured when sending your product with Floral Trade knowing they are in good hands with a logistics company that not only knows how to most efficiently get your product from one place to another but also understands the needs of what is inside each box.

Climate Controlled Transportation Floral Trade Distributors Carlsbad, California


The advantages of Floral Trade for the floral industry

We have been with Floral Trade from the start in 2012. Since their beginning they have had an innovative approach to a decades long “transportation system” that has benefited us all. The #1 reason we have enjoyed dong business with them is that their communication lines are always open and they work to resolve issues if they come up! If they say they are going to be somewhere then they will be. With other transportation services choosing to downsize over the last decade Floral Trade has done everything that they can to not only fill the void but to do it better then it has! Great Company Great People. On time Every time! Dependable.

Ben Dobbe - Holland America Flowers

Woodland, Washington

I have been working with Floral Trade for quite a few years and have grown to depend upon them to care for our day-to-day trucking needs as well as to provide solutions during peak demand. They do business the right way: punctual, friendly, and always with a keen eye on maintaining the cold chain. Chip and his team have a "can do" attitude and are a pleasure to work with.

Frank Biddle - Francis Biddle International,

Sun Vista Farms, and Tradewinds

Vista, California

Floral Trade Distributors is a preferred floral transportation provider for Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres and Newfound Markets. Their level of dedication and experience solves many of my weekly logistical needs. Floral Trade operates very strategically on behalf of Bristol Farms to keep the chain cold intact ensuring my customers always receive fresh products. I very much value our relationship and I am proud to be partners with them.

Kristin Lares, Bristol Farms Floral Director

In my book, Floral Trade Distributors is the high watermark in floral transportation. Their cold chain management, on-time record,  and customer service leave their competition at the dock.  

Larry Willett,   The Elite Flower

Floral Trade has been an integral part of our operation for many years, receiving, packing, and shipping our product.  What separates the Floral Trade team from all of the other warehouse facilities and cargo agencies, is that they are a team of “Flower Professionals”  who know how to properly handle and care for flowers. The service provided by Floral Trade on a daily basis is as good as it gets and they have been an integral part of our growth and success over the many years we have worked with them.   From day one, we knew we not only had a company that understood how to care for and ship our product but a company that cared about our success.  What more could you ask for?

Mitch Hirota - Wafex USA

Fallbrook, California


Love working with Floral Trade.  Always reliable, available when you need them, and on time.  We have been working together for over 5 years now and looking forward to growing in the future together.

Rene Rodriguez -Universal Greens & Flowers

Doral, Florida

Floral Trade and Chip Cox have been reliable business providers to our company.  We have worked together for more than 15 years and they always meet our logistics and temperature requirements. We look forward to many more years with them.

Bob Echter - President/Owner - Dramm & Echter

Climate Controlled Transportation Floral Trade Distributors Carlsbad, California

About Floral Trade Distributors

Floral Trade Distributors' Owner Chip Cox was born into the wholesale floral industry. His father founded Arizona Floral Exchange. In 2012, Chip co-founded his company with Ricadro Gomez in Carlsbad, California, and works directly with Commercial cut flowers, nurseries, and produce businesses. He has a passion for helping find logistical solutions for people across the country including the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Each day, he tries to better the lives of others through flowers.

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